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KOKOZ Vanilla Sky 15g

Organic Cosmetics From Another Universe! Fine Cosmetics Arts!

Bionauts Handmade Cosmetics is a small company that came into being as a result of a spontaneous alchemical reaction between two PhD students in pharmaceutical chemistry who decided to express their inner nature in creating something healthy and beautiful that could bring smiles to people’s faces.
Our mission is to create 100% natural cosmetic products that represent an exquisite combination of the highest grade of certified organic ingredients, artistic design and distinct healing properties. In the heart of our recipes lies the hemp oil, around which all other base and essential oils are harmoniously arranged to paint an opulent picture of aromas designed to tickle your senses and alter your mind.
In spite of our chemical education, our philosophy is NOT to use any synthetic ingredients that could be harmful and accumulate in the body. We believe that the clearer the body, the clearer the mind.
Each of our products is specially prepared with tons of love and care and represent an unique hand-drawn character with its own personality and story interconnected with others in a newly developing universe.
You are welcome to our celebration of the new dimensions of organic cosmetics! Enjoy and share your thoughts and feelings with us!

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